Hamptons style homes

Create a home with a coastal feel that is comfortable and inviting, with plenty of natural light and open spaces.

Hamptons style homes
Hamptons style homesHamptons style homesHamptons style homes

Inspired by the traditional beach houses of the Hamptons in New York, we help you design and build your dream of a stylish, contemporary home.  Our Hamptons style homes are designed to evoke a sense of relaxation and comfort while providing a connection with the surrounding landscape.

Our Hamptons style homes feature a symmetrical façade with the use of natural materials such as timber, stone and cladding. Large windows and French doors are incorporated into the design to create an inviting light and airy feel with plenty of natural light in the home.

Entertaining will be a pleasure. We will work with you to design open spaces and outdoor living areas which flow seamlessly leading to landscaped gardens. Our Hamptons inspired homes feature a well-designed functional kitchen, lounge and dining spaces with a mix of contemporary and traditional elements. The bathrooms have a spa-like feel and the ample bedrooms are relaxing and calming. You will work with our interior designer to select a colour palette that reflects your Hamptons style.

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Custom Hamptons style home

Working with you, we help you achieve the custom Hamptons style home you want. A special space which is both relaxing as well as functional and one that you are truly proud of.

Create a unique space

Evoke a sense of calm and tranquillity with a casual beachy vibe. Designed specifically for your family, your Hamptons style home is your unique space filled with warmth. Here is where you will create memories of special moments with your loved ones.

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Be confident that your budget won’t be blown. There are no hidden costs and you don’t pay for things you don’t need. Our team guarantees to never make a variation to your build unless specified by you. We take the time to get to know you so you can rest knowing your needs are being met. We’ll make sure you get the most value for your budget.

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